Bolivia Gallery - The Highest Capital of the World, La Paz Bolivia The capital of Bolivia, La Paz, is breathtaking in many ways, not just because of its altitude of 12'000 ft (3700m). It's a canyon covered with houses where the rich live down in the valley and the poor settle almost 1'500ft (500m) higher on the rim of the canyon.

Cambodia Gallery - Home of the Khmer Culture Cambodia The amazing country of Cambodia belongs to the group of the three asian countries with the most friendly people you can ever meet - Burma, Laos & Cambodia. In addition to these incredible people it'll be hard to find another place with such an old history and rich culture!

China Gallery - One of the World's Oldest Civilizations China Travelling independently thru this huge country proved to be easier than one could expect - and it is very rewarding. The ancient culture, the magnificent landscape, the old villages, the modern cities and last but not least the friendly local people warrant spending a lot of time in Zhong Guo.

Cocos Island Scuba Diving Gallery - The Home of Hammerheads, Costa Rica Cocos Island There are other dive sites on mainland Costa Rica like Playa de Coco but the reason to go diving in Costa Rica clearly is Isla de Coco. This is the place to dive if you want to see hammerhead sharks ... and we're talking hundreds here! Big Plus: You won't see many divers since the island is so remote. Big Minus: The journey by live-aboard from mainland Costa Rica takes about 36 hours, one way!

Djibouti Scuba Diving Gallery - The Bay of Tadjoura, Djibouti Djibouti Ever heard of Whale Sharks? Yes? Would you like to see some? Then head to Djibouti and watch dozens of them feeding at Arta Beach in the Bay of Tadjoura - it's simply incredible how many there are! You might see over 10 (!) different ones in one single outing during the best time in December and January.

Ecuador Gallery - The Unique Biodiversity of Ecuador Ecuador The country of Ecuador in South America rises from sea level at the Pacific up to the snow-capped mountains of the Andes and offers very diverse scenery from sandy beaches to dense jungle and rumbling volcanos. Good old Darwin marvelled at the unique ecosystems of the Galapagos Islands and so will you.

Egypt Gallery - The Ancient World of Egypt Egypt The bustling city of Cairo with its world-famous pyramids and the sphinx, the quiet and relaxing town of Aswan, the temples of Luxor and the tombs in the Valley of the Kings as well as the colorful underwater scenery of the Red Sea make this country a fantastic travel destination. Get some impressions from the photos in the gallery...

Finland Gallery - The North-Eastern corner of Europe Finland The photo gallery of Finland shows some of the areas of the southern part of this flat and green country. Generally it's all covered by huge forests interspersed with smaller and bigger lakes which make it a very pleasant landscape to travel thru at a leasurely pace.

Greece Gallery - Ancient Culture on a Myriad of Islands Greece The Hellenic Republic is generally considered the cradle of Western civilization and features a vast number of islands in the Aegean Sea. The most famous site in Greece is probably the Acropolis of Athens but the picturesque white houses on Santorini and many other islands rank right up there as well.

Israel Gallery - The Holy Land Israel The Holy Land - despite being the most politically, socially, religiously, economically, and ethinically complex area in the world - is a very rewarding place to explore. You find, of course, all the religious sites but also Roman ruins, beautiful scenery, the lowest point on earth and great night-life.

Jordan Gallery - The Beautiful Middle-Eastern Kingdom Jordan The Middle-Eastern Kingdom of Jordan offers some of the most stunningly beautiful landscape in Wadi Rum as well as the incredible ancient city of Petra and the well-preserved Roman town of Jerash. Travelling thru this surprisingly relaxed country is a pleasure and very rewarding.

Malaysia Gallery - The Multi-Cultural, Modern and Traditional South-East Asia Malaysia Malaysia is the country of diversity in South-East Asia: You find everything form the bustling modern metropolis of Kuala Lumpur to the remote villages of the Orang Asli people and from the highest peak of Mount Kinabalu to underwater paradises like Layang-Layang.

Nicaragua Gallery - Volcanos, Lakes, Two Oceans and lots of Culture Nicaragua Check out the great scenery of Nicaragua in this photo gallery. You're going to get a glimpse of high volcanoes, blue lakes, thick forests and two oceans with nice beaches as well as friendly people and many cultural sites.

Palau Scuba Diving Gallery - The Rock Islands in Micronesia Palau The variety of critters and underwater landscapes of the dive sites in Palau as well as the hundreds of Rock Islands make this destination a traveller's and diver's dream! Expect to encounter the big stuff like manta rays and sharks as well as everything else down to some very colorful nudibranchs and other unique small animals.

Panama Gallery - The Connection between North and South America Panama The small but important country of Panama in Central America has a lot more to offer than just its canal connecting the Atlantic with the Pacific. This photo gallery shows some areas of the modern Panama as well as the traditional side and the wild nature.

Peru Gallery - The Old Civilization of the Incas Peru From the high mountains of the Andes down to the dry Pacific coast with the Nazca Lines and the capital Lima, from colorful lake Titicaca thru the Inca capital Cuzco to the famous Machu Picchu ruins ... what an extraordinary country!

Qatar Gallery - One of the Lesser Known Emirates Qatar Surrounded by the Persion Gulf the Qatar Peninsula north of Saudi Arabia is the home of the modern city of Doha and some smaller towns and villages in the middle of the desert.

Sudan Scuba Diving Gallery - The Red Sea off Sudan Sudan The Sudanese waters hold the best of Red Sea Diving: Incredibly colorful coral with many small critters, deep walls with all the pelagics as well as some great wrecks like the Umbria. And you'll enjoy all of this on your own with only a few other divers once in a while!

Sweden Gallery - The Skandinavian Sweden Sweden When talking about Skandinavia one automatically thinks of Sweden with its tall people, descendants of the vikings. Beside the very beautiful capital of Stockholm the country offers beautiful landscape and is home to many, many castles.

Tanzania Scuba Diving Gallery - Zanzibar and Pemba Island Tanzania While travelling thru Tanzania we decided to also do a few dives off Zanzibar and Pemba Islands ... and we were not disappointed! The variety of creatures to be seen is excellent, the visibility is great and the beaches are some of the nicest you'll ever find. However, do not expect to encounter anything big...

Panorama Gallery La Paz Panorama A panoramic view can give a much better impression of a certain place - the Panorama Gallery shows some examples.