Scuba Diving - The Underwater World Minimize Hammerhead Shark Maximize Hammerhead Shark Even though I started late with scuba diving I managed to explore many different underwater worlds around the globe. After getting my PADI Open Water and Advanced Open Water in one go - back in 1998 in the Philippines - I got completely hooked and I've done around 400 dives since then. With these pages I try to give a good overview on my personal experiences scuba diving the deep blue.

Dive Sites - A Worldwide Overview The World Check out this map to get a quick overview of the different dive sites I dove around the world. Just follow the diver's signs to get to the country's detail scuba page.

Mapkyc's Favorite Dive Sites Favorites From all the different places around the world where I've been diving in the last years these five locations are my favorites. Check out what I recommend ...
... and if you think I should try one of your favorite dive sites send an email to

Scuba Photo Galleries Galleries The best idea of what scuba diving is all about one of course gets from looking at pictures. I only started with underwater photography in 2001 but you should still be able to get an impression in the different underwater photo galleries...

Scuba Video Galleries Videos Rather than just looking at still photos of underwater critters you might be more interested in seeing them move gracefully thru the blue. Therefore I included some underwater videos as well which were shot using digital photo cameras.

Scuba Diving Fish Identification Quiz Scuba Diving Fish Identification Quiz How well do you know your fish? Using the underwater photos from my scuba diving galleries I compiled a fish identification quiz. Based on the photo you'll have to identify the critter and select the right answer out of a choice of three.