Bolivia Minimize Bolivia Flag Maximize Bolivia Flag This site is still under construction ... nevertheless, some pages are already available and over time more and more content will be added. So, don't be surprised if some links point to nowhere or pages are not yet fully completed.

Highlight - La Paz Minimize La Paz Maximize La Paz La Paz is an amazing city!
You have to see it to believe it ... so, check out the Panorama of La Paz. More photos of La Paz

Photo Gallery - The Highest Capital of the World, La Paz The Highest Capital of the World, La Paz The capital of Bolivia, La Paz, is breathtaking in many ways, not just because of its altitude of 12'000 ft (3700m). It's a canyon covered with houses where the rich live down in the valley and the poor settle almost 1'500ft (500m) higher on the rim of the canyon.

Bolivia Places Bolivia - Copacabana (A) - La Paz (B) - Tiahuanaco (C)

Map of Bolivia