Photo Gallery Scuba Diving - Complete Gallery with All Scuba Photos Scuba Diving This massive photo gallery contains all the underwater photos currently available at It is an aggregation of the location specific scuba galleries listed below. The gallery gives an overall impression while in the other galleries you find only the creatures of a specific location.

Photo Gallery Cocos Island - The Home of Hammerheads, Costa Rica Cocos Island There are other dive sites on mainland Costa Rica like Playa de Coco but the reason to go diving in Costa Rica clearly is Isla de Coco. This is the place to dive if you want to see hammerhead sharks ... and we're talking hundreds here! Big Plus: You won't see many divers since the island is so remote. Big Minus: The journey by live-aboard from mainland Costa Rica takes about 36 hours, one way!

Photo Gallery Djibouti - The Bay of Tadjoura, Djibouti Djibouti Ever heard of Whale Sharks? Yes? Would you like to see some? Then head to Djibouti and watch dozens of them feeding at Arta Beach in the Bay of Tadjoura - it's simply incredible how many there are! You might see over 10 (!) different ones in one single outing during the best time in December and January.

Photo Gallery Palau - The Rock Islands in Micronesia Palau The variety of critters and underwater landscapes of the dive sites in Palau as well as the hundreds of Rock Islands make this destination a traveller's and diver's dream! Expect to encounter the big stuff like manta rays and sharks as well as everything else down to some very colorful nudibranchs and other unique small animals.

Photo Gallery Sudan - The Red Sea off Sudan Sudan The Sudanese waters hold the best of Red Sea Diving: Incredibly colorful coral with many small critters, deep walls with all the pelagics as well as some great wrecks like the Umbria. And you'll enjoy all of this on your own with only a few other divers once in a while!

Photo Gallery Tanzania - Zanzibar and Pemba Island Tanzania While travelling thru Tanzania we decided to also do a few dives off Zanzibar and Pemba Islands ... and we were not disappointed! The variety of creatures to be seen is excellent, the visibility is great and the beaches are some of the nicest you'll ever find. However, do not expect to encounter anything big...