Map of Cocos Island Dive Sites

Acknowledgement: Map of Cocos Island Dive Sites courtesy of Aggressor Fleet

Cocos Island Scuba Photo Gallery Cocos Island There are other dive sites on mainland Costa Rica like Playa de Coco but the reason to go diving in Costa Rica clearly is Isla de Coco. This is the place to dive if you want to see hammerhead sharks ... and we're talking hundreds here! Big Plus: You won't see many divers since the island is so remote. Big Minus: The journey by live-aboard from mainland Costa Rica takes about 36 hours, one way!

Cocos Island Scuba Videos Cocos Island To really get an idea of how big the schools of hammerhead sharks and other fish are you need to see them moving - so, check out some of the footage from my trip to Cocos Island in 2002.