Mapkyc's Favorite Dive Sites around the Globe

Layang-Layang, Malaysia
This atoll north of Kota Kinabalu on Malaysian Borneo offers everthing a diver can dream of: Pelagics, turtles, reef fish, soft and hard corals, walls and all of this in abundance!
A definite must!
Kapalai/Mabul/Sipadan, Malaysia
On the famous island of Sipadan off Malaysian Borneo you'll see the big stuff including it's signature sights being turtles and big schools of barracuda. While the small critters can be found around the resort islands of Kapalai and Mabul which offer great muck diving - the three places together cover it all!
Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
These islands smack on the equator off Ecuador are worth a visit even if you don't dive - but those that venture below the water surface will not be disappointed! No coral though...
Cocos Island, Costa Rica
This is the place to dive if you want to see hammerhead sharks ... and we're talking hundreds here! Big Plus: You won't see many divers since the island is so remote. Big Minus: The journey by live-aboard from mainland Costa Rica takes about 36 hours, one way!
Red Sea, Sudan
The Red Sea offers everything divers are looking for: Excellent coral, all sizes of critters from nudibranch to hammerhead shark, many (big) wrecks and all of this with very good visibility. Personally, I prefer the Sudanese dive sites, but the Red Sea of Egypt is spectacular as well.

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